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Citywave’s new campaign focuses around a new wave of living. Sindeco brings you a home which provides you with everything you need in order to live your life the way YOU want to. YOU decide everything. YOU make the rules - Citywave, is simply a place which allows you to do that to the fullest, which is something unique

This month, despite the strict measures imposed by the Cyprus Government to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, CITYWAVE’s construction is continuing steadily and with caution and care for our worker’s health.     January has found the building with windows, doors, an excavation for the pool, kitchen frame and even glass balcony

The completion date of CITYWAVE is getting closer and Sindeco is ready to soon deliver one of the most exclusive residential buildings in the heart of Limassol. With the project estimated to end in Q1 of 2021, our dedicated team is working hard to ensure every little detail is perfect for your future home! At the current state,

The construction of CITYWAVE is progressing dynamically as our team is working hard to complete the building at the end of this year. Our show flat is now also being finalised, with every detail being carefully selected and quality crafted so you can soon discover what life at CITYWAVE really looks like. Invest before November and benefit from a

Well-being is not just about changing your lifestyle – it can mean changing where you live. CITYWAVE is perfect for people who seek the right balance between work and pleasure and who understand the necessity for wellbeing and leading a healthy and informed lifestyle. From the moment you enter CITYWAVE,

CITYWAVE is an investment that enables you to live better. It is a place that defines a new urban lifestyle while being relevant to issues that matter for people of our times. 1, 2, 3 and 4-bedroom apartments cater for all needs and family sizes while the premium and central

The global Covid-19 pandemic has forced everyone across the world to reconsider the ways through which they evaluate home and the way they live. It appears that the new pandemic will shift the focus towards a more informed way of living, through access for entertainment and work from home. This

Construction is progressing fast at CityWave, Sindeco's first residential project; 2020 will be the year of completion and the multi-step process for reaching delivery is demonstrating good and steady progress. The building is now completed up to the 6th floor, with all provisions in place to make this one of

The construction of CITYWAVE is proceeding with rapid rhythm, the project estimated to be completed in the second half of 2020. CITYWAVE's unique architecture and design enable all floors to have sea views, since the entire building is elevated from road level; common facilities also enjoy utmost privacy due to